Saturday – March 14, 2020

Saturday – March 14, 2020

Group workout with Stations

For all stations athletes will rotate through until time is called for switch.  Once teams switch the next person up will start next movement.  Only one team member works at any given time.  Each team will start at a different station, but will follow the order listed below.  Scores will be total reps completed at the end of the 5 rounds for each team.  If there is an odd number, or more than 10 people in class, then some teams may have 3 team members (which means they should be able to move faster and get more reps due to the higher rest times per individual!!)

1 min per station.  Coach will announce, “switch” to let teams know to move to next station.

Station 1:

10 X KBS (F2 1.5/1.0)

Station 2:

10 X Double Unders (2:1 singles)

Station 3:  

10 X Wall Balls (F2 20/15)

Station 4:  

5 X Box Jumps (F2 24/20)

Station 5:

7 CAL on AB

Rest 1 min after team completes all 5 stations before starting the next round

X 5

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